Carta de agradecimento do Contadores de Estórias aos doadores

April 12, 2011

Dear Mr. Rodrigo Antunes and all donors,

The volunteers of the Contadores de Estórias Project would like to thank you all, who donated to our program, and a special thank you to Mr. Rodrigo Antunes for his generosity in combining his birthday celebration with his friends and making it an opportunity to help our program along the way. Rodrigo has managed to pull off a spectacular fundraising. His commitment to supporting this program in our community shall always be remembered.

The Contadores de Estórias Project was created from the desire of one person to do something worthy to support our community, and each year it continues to advance its mission of maintaining strong Brazilian culture and language amongst Brazilian children. Our goal is to continue to make a difference in the lives of children. Your donations will help us expand our program, bringing it to the next level. Hopefully your initiative will inspire others in the future.

The total amount raised was $1632.00, which reached our goal of projector and portable screen, unfortunately not enough to automate the children’s library as well, so we will promote other actions to complete the amount needed. The event alone raised $1242.00. Please, extend our sincere thank you to all others from Meetup who attended the event, but did not register their emails.

Furthermore, on behalf of Contadores I would like to take this opportunity to formally invite Mr. Rodrigo Antunes to be our honor guest at our first screening for the children, which will be scheduled soon. Once again, thank you so much, Rodrigo, for all you have done for the Contadores de Estórias Project, and all of you who donated to our project.


The Contadores de Estórias’ volunteers


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